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Vivre sa vie

Welcome to, a site created to preserve and display the prominent creative career of the stunning French actress, Anna Karina.

This site allows easy access to articles and sources on the various aspects of Anna Karina’s career. Explore Anna’s career using the links in the sidebar. A complete collection of works throughout her career is currently in the works and will not be finished for quite some time. However, if you have any information you'd like to add that we missed, feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

To Do List

The following is a long list of things left to work on in the site. This will indubitably fluctuate as the site changes drastically with time, but the priority right now is getting information and articles up on the site.

  • Acting Career (82 films)
    • 1950's (1 film)
    • 1960's (9/38 films)
    • 1970's (21 films)
    • 1980's (14 films)
    • 1990's (3 films)
    • 2000's (5 films)
  • Music Career
    • Soundtrack (9 films)
    • Miscellaneous (Quantity unknown; TBD)
  • Writing Career (4 novels)
  • Modeling Career (Quantity unknown; TBD)
  • Theater Career (Quantity unknown; TBD)
  • Interviews (Quantity unknown; TBD)
  • Photographs (To be uploaded gradually)